Monday, 28 May 2018

EU kicks Italian can down the road

In President Mattarella, the EU has a head of state wholly committed to both the Euro and a Federast union - a safe pair of hands for the German empire. Under the Italian constitution, the President not only appoints the Head of the Council of Ministers (the PM) but must approve the appointment of the ministers. Normally a rubber stamp process, Mattarella has used this power in his first blocking move to delay the Lega / 5 star coalition from taking power.

It now looks like another election for Italy, with an EU approved technocratic government installed by Mattarella in the meanwhile. This time the EU is expected to pour in hundreds of millions in black publicity to swing the result away from the populist parties - but in the slim chance that Italian voters dig their heels in against the Germans, Mattarella has more shots in his locker to enable the EU to keep kicking the Italian can down the road for as long as possible. 

The EU Satrap President of Italy can also veto bills going before the Italian parliament, and send passed acts back for 'reconsideration' if he doesn't like them. He can also issue emergency laws by decree - though these are time limited to 60 days unless made permanent or extended by parliament. So plenty of scope to keep the can bouncing down the road for months or even years.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is Mattarella's age - he's 77. 

Sunday, 27 May 2018


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GDPR gets its revenge. Blogger can be set to email all new comments automatically - but since yesterday, no comments. I have to check blogger manually. Of course, under GDPR I actually need to consent to receive emails from my own blog to my own email addy ... this one has slipped under Google's radar, but with fines of up to 4% of t/o for such breaches no wonder they've just turned ALL blogger comment notifications off until they come up with a fix.

Friday, 25 May 2018

From the Desk of Dr Barrister Adoke Aboyongo


Dear Friend,

GDPR Regulations

Important changes are coming into effect today that govern the way in which we here communicate with you.

To remind you, I am the only child of the Late Chief and Mrs Abingo Aboyongo, a very wealthy stick merchant based in Lagos. The fish-scorpion bite that caused my father's death was, I believe, deliberately administered by a business rival. As he died in prolonged agony, his limbs turning emerald green in a side effect of the deadly venom, he whispered to me that he had secreted forty five million dollars ($45,000,000) in a secret UK bank account, the profits of European stick exports. The tragic death of my mother in a concrete pump accident shortly after means I remain sole heir to this fortune.

Sadly, restrictive Nigerian currency import regulations mean that I am unable to withdraw my fortune in person. I therefore wrote to you last year asking for your help in securing withdrawal of cleared funds in return for a 30% share of the capital balance. You were kind enough to provide me then with your bank details, pin, password, memorable word, mother's maiden name and first pet name (Dingo - really?) at that time, shortly before you so tragically lost so much money from your accounts due to the negligence and incompetence of the banks.

If you wish to continue to receive these 419 emails, please click on the link below. This will take you to a website which will install a small and unobtrusive piece of software on your computer. In return you will share in a ONE THIRD part of my unclaimed wealth to spend as you wish, on marsupials or other pet species of your choice, or to replenish your much diminished bank accounts. 

Yours most sincerely

Dr Barrister Adoke Aboyongo PhD MA BA(Hons) LLB
(Desk of)

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Britain demands Lords reform - poll

It seems our disgust with the behaviour of the upper house is far more widely shared than I imagined; the Mail prints the latest ComRes poll, part graphic below;

With 79% of respondents agreeing that the red leather benches are stuffed with those we've called "Worthless dross, dags and liggers, spivs and crooks ... bribers, rent-seekers and hairdressers" and 76% agreeing that they're out of kilter with the wishes of the British people, the pressure will only grow for deep reform.

With the odious little scrote squatting on the Speaker's chair in the other place also under increasing pressure for his misconduct, it seems common sense is eventually beginning to prevail. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Manchester one year on

Is it really just a year since the Manchester atrocity? It seems somehow more distant, more remote. A year ago I wrote -
That Islamists have no place in Western societies is not news. Nor that some of them are brutal, amoral killers and lack any vestige of human compassion. Nor that the followers of the perverted death cult frequently pick children as their victims. We knew that the Islamists were busy plotting to slaughter us, that our open borders have allowed killers, guns and explosives to enter the country without hindrance. Most Islamists are still free to broadcast their perverted and inhuman propaganda on social media - the death cult's forum. So nothing about last night's slaughter of children in Manchester should have shocked or surprised us - yet it has.   

It was a Monday night break for young girls and their mums, with the promise of the start of Summer and in the carefree days before exam results in August. Travel plans had been made and co-ordinated with other parents; tram and pick-up, taxi, last train and meet at the station. Mobiles checked, promises extracted. For some it would be their first late night out, the start of an adventure into young adulthood, with all its dreams and aspirations. This morning those dreams lay shattered in puddles of clotted blood and ironmongers' shrapnel. 

May God grant us strength to defeat the evil of this death cult. 
In later years the anniversaries segue into a sort of seamless blur, this year little different to last but it makes our losses all the more poignant. When young, life's events tumble upon each other, each marking epochal change; those first exams, A levels, living away from home, our first adult sexual and social conjugations. Young lives are lived with a fiery intensity of spirit and emotion, a whirlwind of discovery and change. A year is an eternity to those on the cusp of adult life. 

It remains therefore an unbearable cruelty for these evil Islamist monsters to target our children. We must remain ever vigilant against threat, ever confident in the rightness and justice of our nation and our society, ever jealous in defence of our freedoms and ever trusting in God to guide our arm.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Venezuela - when Socialists take power

There's an election today in Venezuela, but don't get excited. We all already know that the Socialist dictator Maduro will win by an estimated 8m votes - his cronies have been forging ballot papers and stuffing ballot boxes all week. Corrupt elections are one of the first changes that Socialists make to democracies. Little Owen Jones would no doubt rationalise electoral fraud as legitimate just so long as it's to cement Socialist power - anything, including genocide, is OK for lefties.

On that subject, can you imagine Pete Waterman, for example, making a comedy movie about the extermination camps, with Hitler, Goebbels, Jodl, Ribbentrop and the rest of the scum Nazi gang played by comedic actors? Yet Armando Ianucci, a man of supposed talent and intelligence, takes great pride in doing so about Stalin. It's part of the Socialist rehabilitation of Stalin's Soviet Union. Thirty millions exterminated? It's fine, it's OK, they were killed by Socialists, not Nazis, we're told. I'm showing it to my young German chums next week and I'll let you know their reaction. 

On social media, on the streets, and now even on mainstream broadcasts the spite, vituperation, hate and sheer nastiness of the left is in the ascendant. It's chillingly reminiscent of the early days of the NSDAP. Bullying opponents, intimidating democratic debate, shouting down contrary views are all becoming normalised.

Today Venezuela, tomorrow the United Kingdom.   

Friday, 18 May 2018

Teds and Target 2 - the coming news agenda

Slang is fascinating. A bottom-up generated change in language reflects a substantial forming or modification of outlook. I'm surprised we don't have chairs in Slang at the new universities. I write this as I found this week two new slang terms for the Germans, both words born of common parents here in the trans-Alpine region. The first is Italian. Tudro is not a kind word; it means oafish, unimaginative, lacking feeling or sensibility and is pure Italian. The second is from the British army stationed in southern Austria at the war's end, guarding hundreds of thousands of broken, dispirited, rumpled, at-heel German troops. A score could be herded by one man with a loosely carried Lee-Enfield. They were no longer Huns, Krauts or Jerries - the swagger, the insolence, the arrogance had been beaten out of them in battle. So for their British guards they became Teds, from the Italian Tedeschi. I like Teds.

With the news agenda swinging round like an oil tanker at bow-anchor to Italy, AEP starts the move with a piece in the Telegraph (£)  on how the new Italian government's finance proposals have 'enraged' the Teds. It's all about Target 2, or T2 as we shall say. There are some useful papers on T2 about - Here from FT Alphaville, and Here from Forbes, if, like me you need a crash course. I suspect over the next year we'll all be hearing a lot more about T2 in the news. The headline is that the Bundesbank is owed nearly a trillion Euros by the rest of the Eurozone, whilst Spain and Italy have heavy T2 debts. Martin Selmayr is turning his death-gaze from West to South. A couple of interesting points, if I've read the briefings right -

- National banks are given an allocation of Euros to print. Printing more than the allocation creates a debit with the ECB. Germany's Bundesbank has been printing hundreds of billions of excess Euros possibly to offset their trillion-Euro T2 credit with the ECB 

- QE money created by the Bank of Italy has been substantially invested by the Italian market in, erm, Germany, substantially increasing Italy's T2 liability and Germany's T2 credit

- Germany's huge T2 credit now forms by far the biggest asset of the Bundesbank, having overtaken in the early noughties the previous biggest Bundesbank assets of loans to German banks. 

- Germany is not quite alone in having a substantial T2 credit; the Netherlands and Luxembourg are also in the creditors club. So expect some commensurate alignments. 

Right. Off to the Herrenfriseur, then.